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International Charity Foundation «EverybodyCan»

Growing up as a volunteer in 2014. The mission of the foundation is to develop charity and volunteering, to establish a responsible and tolerant society in Ukraine and to help those who need it the most.

International Charity Foundation «EverybodyCan»

Actual areas of activity of the fund

Helping children

The foundation helps children with disabilities to receive the necessary medical care, and at the same time develops systemic projects to help children and conducts various activities for foster families.

Under the constant care of our foundation are elderly women with disabilities who suffered from the war in Ukraine and need support.
We provide targeted and socio-psychological assistance to these elderly people.

We support hospitals in Ukraine:
we purchase medical equipment for diagnostics and operations, consumables, materials for laboratory tests, medical supplies and personal protective equipment for physicians, we pay for the repair of medical equipment.

We involve volunteers in the foundation's projects, initiate charitable actions, events and activities for the benefit of the foundation's wards. We support volunteer initiatives and inclusive projects.

Helping children
Helping the elderly
Help for hospitals
Development of volunteering and charity


Assistance to Ukrainian hospitals - photo

Assistance to Ukrainian hospitals

Started 26.02.2022

Funds raised
194261 UAH


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During the war, Ukrainian hospitals are in the need of your help more than ever since they are overwhelmed with the wounded casualty.

Come to the nearest hospital and offer your help. Or you can provide financial aid by donating to the 'Help to Hospitals' campaign by our foundation.

We helped during the Maidan and provided medical assistance to the wounded from the very beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation / Joint Forces Operation. We are helping right now as well.

We currently keep in touch with the hospitals and will procure medicines and supplies at their request.

The charity campaign has already been supported

Charitable donation

28-03-2022 19:15:57

18000.00 UAH

Psychogoed donation

Warner pin studio,Terrapins Station and Pin fam

25-03-2022 22:19:31

2156.00 UAH

Peace in Ukraine

Maurice Heartfield

25-03-2022 20:43:47

4165.00 UAH

Thank you all for your courage!

Anna Derevnina

25-03-2022 20:00:07

500.00 UAH


25-03-2022 08:25:03

1400.00 UAH

Charitable donation

24-03-2022 03:34:21

300.00 UAH

Peace, No War

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"Assistance to Ukrainian hospitals"

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